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Brain Illustration - TRS Neurofeedback with Dr. Yvonne Tate

Neurofeedback Services

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What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a process that enables an individual to learn how to change Brainwave activity for the purposes of improving health and performance.

Precise instruments measure  brainwaves, and these instruments rapidly and accurately “feed back” information to the user.

The presentation of this information — often in conjunction with changes in thinking, emotions, and behavior — supports desired physiological and psychological changes. 

Over time, when implemented by an experienced and skilled practitioner, these changes become permanent shifts in self regulation without any negative side effects.

Neurofeedback Can Impact...


Neurofeedback is a level 4 evidence-based treatment for anxiety disorders and Dr. Tate has found that she has more successful treatment outcomes with general anxiety than any other mental health issue. She has also helped many clients wean off of highly addicting medications for anxiety such as benzodiazapines like Xanax and Valium. Sometimes EEG analysis provides underlying reasons for anxiety such as temporal lobe paroxysmal activity and sleep disorders that can be treated effectively with Neurofeedback.


Neurofeedback is a level 4 Evidence-Based treatment for depression and Dr. Tate has successfully treated hundreds of clients with depression over the past 20 years. Clients are often able to reduce and wean off medications and live free of depressive symptoms.

ADHD & Memory

Dr. Tate did Neurofeedback for the Rocky Mountain Memory in Fort Collins for 5 years where she specialized in attention and memory disorders.  Neurofeedback is a level 5 Evidence Based treatment for ADHD and articles have been published on this in the Journal of Pediatrics and many others.  She typically has 80-100% success rates in healing attention disorders and helping children and adults wean off of various types of medications related to ADHD. Many students also receive Neurofeedback for peak performance in both academics and athletics.

Sleep Issues

Dr. Tate believes that 50% of all mental health issues are related to poor sleep.  Her first goal for every client is to get them sleeping well and spending enough time in each of the stages of restorative sleep.  This is crucial to both physical and emotional health as well as peak performance in both academics and athletics.


We are not a residential treatment center, but Neurofeedback has been shown to help the brain relax and heal after damage from drug use as well as resolve anxiety, depression & trauma which is often the driver for addictions.  It also has been shown to reduce cravings for alcohol and other drugs.  Neurofeedback will not work if clients continue to use harmful drugs.

Emotional Regulation & Anger Management

Dr. Tate ran anger management groups for many years and wrote her dissertation on this subject.  She has found that Neurofeedback is very powerful in allowing the brain to learn responses to anger that are healthy and well regulated. She finds that almost everyone achieves the ability to “respond” rather than “react” more consistently regardless of what type of Neurofeedback she is doing.  The brain creates new neuro pathways and is not stuck in the same patterns it can’t seem to break out of.  She finds most people know how they want to respond and yet their brain isn’t able to cooperate.  In her 20 years of experience, emotional regulation seems to get better quicker than any other issue.

Trauma & PTSD

With developmental trauma we have found that the brain and body "Keep the Score" as Bessel Vanderkolk explains in his book on the subject.  Neurofeedback gently helps the brain shift and heal from past trauma.  It is not as quick and easy as less complex anxiety and depression, but most clients get to a significantly better place of emotional and behavioral regulation.

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

EEG analysis provides specific information regarding where damage may have occurred from a head injury.  High amplitude slow waves such as Delta, Theta and Alpha can indicate damage below the areas where they are seen.  High amplitude fast waves such as high beta can also result from a head injury and cause disregulation.  Neurofeedback is the process of rewarding the brain for decreasing the amplitude or power of specific frequency bands such as Delta, Theta and Alpha and this can help the brain gently come back on line in various areas of functionality such as memory, attention and executive function.

Bipolar Disorder

Dr. Tate has found that Bipolar Disorder is often misdiagnosed.  There are specific brainwave patterns associated with both depression and mania that can be identified and treated with Neurofeedback.

Peak Performance

Dr. Tate has worked with business executives and athletes of all levels to improve performance.  This often involves working on sleep first and then enhancing various frequencies for optimal processing speed, memory, executive function and ability to achieve an optimal performance zone during competitive events.  We create specific and customized performance protocols based on your unique EEG patterns.

Want to Learn More?

For a comprehensive list of research for various disorders, please click this link to access the International Society for Neurofeedback and Research bibliography.

Weight Loss

To the extent that weight issues are due to stress and anxiety, we see good results with client ability to regulate food cravings in a healthier way.


Dr. Tate believes in personalizing her neurofeedback programs for each Client. 

Call Dr. Tate for your personalized pricing plan.



Dr. Tate believes Neurofeedback should be accessible to everyone it can benefit. For that reason, competitive pricing is at the forefront of neurofeedback packages.

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